I remember when I didn't really think about my phone's battery life all day. The Nokia 3310 was still around, and it could last for several days on one charge, and it was sturdy as hell! Then we made screens huge, which sucks up a lot of power, and now smartphones still have horrible battery … Continue reading Batteries?


Introducing: the Former

This machine will change the world. When you go to a supermarket and are picking up some fruit for later, you look at several apples, and you pick up the first one, but it’s kind of ugly, so you put it down and get a better looking one. We’ve all done this countless amount of … Continue reading Introducing: the Former

Why make instead of buy

The future most envision for 3D printers is that they will just become cheaper and better at doing what they do, hence allowing more people to buy it. However, just as with micro-computing, the most important piece of the puzzle was not the power of the computer or storage capacity, but the operating system. IBM … Continue reading Why make instead of buy


We are reaching sci-fi levels of technology, and the digital world is evolving at an incredible pace. Holograms and additive manufacturing are the next big thing, and they're here to stay. While we’ve been evolving at the surface of our world through apps and services, our infrastructure has stayed the same it was 20 years … Continue reading Microgeneration