3D Printing: the future of solar energy

Today is the moment when we start transitioning to renewable energy and solar panels play a really important role. Solar energy is abundant, the real problem with it is getting that energy in an efficient and cheap way. Solar panel production has increased in the last years everywhere around the world and become cheaper, however, … Continue reading 3D Printing: the future of solar energy


Biomaterials: No more plastics

Today we use an incredible amount of plastics, there are part of our daily life. Think in your regular routine for example you wake up go to the kitchen open the fridge (almost complete structure is plastic) pick a plastic bottle to drink water, then you pick the bottle of milk to prepare a coffee, … Continue reading Biomaterials: No more plastics

Manufacturing at home

What we know about automation ? If we think about automation most of you will think about a big industry with a lot of different steps that’s together create  a final product or at least something like that. We think in this way because almost all industries work like this.Now technology is evolving in a … Continue reading Manufacturing at home

Solar panels: What to know ?

If you are new in the solar movement this is a good place to start, starting with basic information that can help you answer some questions about solar panels. Solar photovoltaics (PV) is the technology that is behind solar panels, using a physical and chemical phenomenon to generate electricity from sunlight. Specifically solar panels are made … Continue reading Solar panels: What to know ?