Vertical Farming

Why? Every year the world's population is growing by about 83 million. This is the population of the whole of Germany.  According to United States Census, by 2050, the number of inhabitants on the planet will increase to 10 billion. This means that numbers of areas which are suitable for agricultural purposes will decline.  Huge … Continue reading Vertical Farming


The perfect house of tomorrow

Imagine that you wake up in your Smart House. Software already knows that it is time to wake you up, adapts temperature, activates the coffee maker and your fridge picks up the breakfast options for you. After that, you go to the work, you don’t have to worry, the software will turn off the coffee … Continue reading The perfect house of tomorrow

Flying humans, talking cats and superheroes.

Scientists are able to edit the human genome! Do you realize what this could mean? Our imagination begins to work without limits. I am talking about CRISPR. To understand what is going on let’s see the video which will makes everything clear and not leave anyone indifferent. So, this information really gives us a … Continue reading Flying humans, talking cats and superheroes.

Global warming – myth or reality?

The topic of global warming, or how it began to be called recently -  global climate change, is an extremely popular and controversial topic and leads many people into confusion. While environmentalists sound the alarm about the extinction of polar bears and China is building the most ambitious "eco-city" - Donald Trump is denying it … Continue reading Global warming – myth or reality?