3D Printing: the future of solar energy

Today is the moment when we start transitioning to renewable energy and solar panels play a really important role. Solar energy is abundant, the real problem with it is getting that energy in an efficient and cheap way. Solar panel production has increased in the last years everywhere around the world and become cheaper, however, it is not cheap enough to be accessible for everyone yet. This can change with the introduction of a new technology that can print photovoltaic cells using current industrial 3D printers.  Korean firm Kyung-In Synthetic, affirm that this technology is already being tested in India and will allow more people to get home solar systems.


image source

There are different companies working in this field, another one is Utilight, they’ve developed a revolutionary technology for economical 3D laser printing of PV cells. Their technology can save customers 70% in costs and increase the efficiency of the panels.

Entrepreneurs are also taking part in the solar revolution, the start up solar pocket kit founded in the popular site kickstarter is making improvements in solar panel manufacturing. Here you can see a cool video of how their technology work and maybe you will wont one.

To take this one step further, in the future you will be able to print a 3D panel of any shape, install it on your house and personalize with different designs. The possibilities are endless. Your house can be completely off-the-grid at a low cost without changing the structure of your house. What other uses will you give to this technology ? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section!


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