Introducing: the Former

This machine will change the world.

When you go to a supermarket and are picking up some fruit for later, you look at several apples, and you pick up the first one, but it’s kind of ugly, so you put it down and get a better looking one. We’ve all done this countless amount of times. Do you think others will pick up that apple and bring it home? No, it gets thrown in the garbage and sent to landfills.

What if all the tonnes of wasted food each year were put to actual use?


Ariel, our partner and fellow, has developed a 3D printer that works with direct food waste. This machine can use different types of food to create different types of materials with varying properties.

Imagine just throwing all your waste food into a machine and valuable materials come out of the other side. This could be sold to a bulk supplier, used for 3d printing or even used as fuel. All the food that is wasted each year in food markets and restaurants and you can start to understand just how much biodegradable bioplastic we could make for everyday objects. In your house, you will be able to use your waste productively and safely in an automated way to create everyday objects, and no, they will not stink at all! You will be able to form whatever you want from organic sources. Finally, we have developed a machine that will give us almost unlimited supply of … everything.
Stay tuned for updates on the Former.


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