Biomaterials: No more plastics

Today we use an incredible amount of plastics, there are part of our daily life. Think in your regular routine for example you wake up go to the kitchen open the fridge (almost complete structure is plastic) pick a plastic bottle to drink water, then you pick the bottle of milk to prepare a coffee, also you open a bag of cookies to eat and throw away the plastic. So in just a few second of your day you already use plastics and this continue during all day. This is creating a lot of contamination that is destroying the habitat of animal and killing them because these are eating the toxic plastic.

But its looks we don’t have another alternative, because all industries use plastics and are hidden in almost every product. Here is a very interesting experiment that show what is to live with out consuming products that use plastics. Check out the video if you are interested in how to accomplish this difficult task.

How to survive with out using plastics?

Here its when we add the “bio” part, to create bioplastics. These new materials are going to revolutionize the plastic industry, because are completely manufactured with natural products and in sustainable way. So yes, we can generate plastic for other sources than oil and is something than scientist have been working for a while. But we already know how the industry works and always want to get the most profit possible and that was by using toxic plastic, this change now with creation biomaterials. Why? biomaterials because this not only apply for plastic but also other things we want to show you and the new method of manufacturing make them affordable to compete with plastics.

Different types of biomaterials

Plant starch:

Is a natural polymer created by green plants to storage energy when they need it.But we can utilize this to create bioplastics. Starch can be found in  normal food we eat called staples food such as corn, potatoes, rice, etc. This mean that we can recicle our food to create plastics and no continue using oil based plastics.


Example of using bioplastic to create a product corn starch based

image source


Is a bioplastic derived from crustacean shells and is fully degradable. But not only that you can use it ass a fertilizer and soil for plants. Before this the chitosan was a waste from the food industry so now is going to grow and some countries like china have a great potencial.


Shells used to extract chitosan and create bioplastic

image source


Is a polymer based in water and have very useful characteristics. This hydrogel are used in different industries and application like tissue engineering, vehicles for drug delivery and  actuators for optics and fluidics.  The Wyss Institute develop a ultra strong a flexible hydrogel that can give more application to this biomaterial for example creating 3d organs and skin tissue repair.


Hydrogel in a flexibility test

image source

How to recognize bioplastics?

If you want to support and you can do it buying products that contain the correct symbol. There was a new contest to design a new symbol for bioplastic organized by Cereplast. The contest attracts 1500 submissions and 2.5 million votes around the world that reduce the number of design to 200 and then a jury decide which was the winner, also the winner get $ 25,000.


image source

If you like the post, here you have a link to a manual that will teach you how to create bioplastic in your house. If you try it we want to know the results don’t by shy and share whit us. For any question we are here to help you, se you soon Solar City.


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