Manufacturing at home

What we know about automation ?

If we think about automation most of you will think about a big industry with a lot of different steps that’s together create  a final product or at least something like that. We think in this way because almost all industries work like this.Now technology is evolving in a more intelligent and efficient manufacturing process causing loose of employment because more jobs can be automated and different sources say that “47% of all jobs will be automated by 2034 and no government is prepared”.


Actual assembly line for cars. We can see the amount of machinery we need to produce a product

image source

But new technology maybe changes the way we see automation and manufacturing this new approach is taking a different direction and is in a more personal way.The creation of products can be now at your disposal in the commodity of your house.

Do it your self

Today we introduce a concept that’s is being around for a while, do it your self or DIY, this refer to the ethic of self-sufficient. There is a big community around DIY and you can found web sites like instructable where are free projects and how to build step by step different products.


DYM model, complete functional and detailed instruction of how to build it

image source

This look difficult for someone with out any experience and for personal experience need some understanding of programing and electronics that can be difficult to understand. But that is also part of the concept, learning how to create our own products.That’s why we wont to show you the last technology that can help you to manufacture your own products.

3 Tools for personal manufacturing:


It’s a device that allow you to control and sense objects in the real world. But is more than that, Arduino is a open source community this mean that all the information you need from how to program the controller or how to replicate it can be found in their web site for free. A lot of people start to use Arduino and share their projects so is a very friendly community and always is available to help you.


Arduino UNO board, the big chip in the center is the one that carry all the information

image source


This is the first robot arm that can develop different task like 3D printing, CNC, pick up objects, assembly, cut and also you can custom your own application for the arm. You only need to change the arm tool and start using it. Now you can create your products at home with out any restriction, only where your imagination and ingenuity takes you.


Makerarm with all the products that can produce, showing the variety of things you can do with only one machine.

image source

Carbon 3D Printer:

This new technology of 3D printing it was inspired by the movie terminator 2 where the robot can mold his body at pleasure.Using liquid and light to create complex forms with incredible detail and unbelievable printing speed, this new form of manufacturing can change the way we create objects.


Like the T-1000 this printer can create objects from liquid material

image source

With this tools we can create a lot of different product for our self or to commercialize them. This will help people also to be prepared for the future that is coming, because machine and humans in the future will work together to obtain the best of booth. If you like this topic the next post will touch more in deep this concept of interaction and cooperation with robots, will you work with robots? we leave this question for the next post, see you soon Singular City.

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