The perfect house of tomorrow

Imagine that you wake up in your Smart House. Software already knows that it is time to wake you up, adapts temperature, activates the coffee maker and your fridge picks up the breakfast options for you. After that, you go to the work, you don’t have to worry, the software will turn off the coffee machine and the lights. On the way home: the lights are turned on, the security systems are unlocked, the television is activated and calls and emails appear on the screen. The house of the future welcomes you.

The house like an integrated whole.

The main goal for the smart house is to increase comfort of your life and security. You no longer have to look for the TV remote or ask yourself “Did I turn off the iron?”. Such a house could especially help people with disabilities. The system could turn the lights on and off automatically and warn you if something goes wrong or how many people in the house now. The problem is that that you could implement this system only at the stage of building the house and previously discussed with builders, architects and other institutions. But you could establish some helpful devise in some part of your apartment. In case of kitchen and bathroom there are some interesting points.

Future’s kitchen

The modern kitchen may be radically different from those that people use today. It should be compact, ergonomic, functional, and most importantly – environmentally friendly. Despite of the significant acceleration of progress all that concerns cooking remains almost unchanged. Actually, the culinary sphere is very conservative. As an example, English aristocracy for decades preferred to store food in the basement and not in the refrigerator. There are a lot of innovations in this sphere: first kitchen robot, IKEA concept kitchen, Whirlpool interactive kitchen, but all of them rather just beautiful idea, than technology which will makes our live more comfortable.

Several original solutions presented  Japanese and Turkish designers in the competition –

“Kitchen is heart of the home”. This smart solutions could solve the problem of small kitchen space:


The kitchen of the future by Chinese designers Cheng He, Liu Guang Kui, Zhou Dong



The kitchen of the future by Turkish designer Fevzi Karama 

Images sourse 

Future’s bathroom

The famous futurist Ian Pearson predicted that in 10-20 years in the bathroom will be more sensors and detectors than now in some laboratories.

Several projects here seem to be very useful. For example, smart mirror and smart bathroom scales. The last one could help to find out your weight, body temperature, heart rate and other parameters. The mirror displayed all this information and gives recommendations about your daily care. In this area also paying a lot of attentions to the environment. There are devises that help control the flow of water and energy in the bathroom.


Image sourse 

In the Europe, “smart home” on a scale of one apartment and individual houses are not uncommon. In countries such as the USA and Japan, other construction is no longer welcome. This system often uses  for the constructions of office buildings and libraries . The most vivid example of “Smart Buildings” is airport Munich II in Germany. Buildings are introduced the most advanced system of safety of passengers, the lighting of runways, baggage handling and so on.

Despite the fact that the demand for “smart building” grows every year, really smart houses aren’t too much. Most new buildings implemented only part of the decision, the rest is provided by several tens of different engineering systems.

So, with no doubts, intelligentf solutions are in great demand to give a person more time and opportunities to work, creativity and relaxation. But most of them either expensive or is not entirely well thought out. May be you already have some “Smart devises”, if you do, share your experiences about usability and utility of it.

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