Flying humans, talking cats and superheroes.

Scientists are able to edit the human genome! Do you realize what this could mean? Our imagination begins to work without limits. I am talking about CRISPR. To understand what is going on let’s see the video which will makes everything clear and not leave anyone indifferent.

So, this information really gives us a lot of thoughts and assumptions about perspectives of our presence and future. Humans have become uncommonly advanced in terms of technological development but not in terms of psycological and social development. CRISPR makes a big difference. It could provide so many possibilities for medicine, genetic engineering, molecular biology. The question is: is our society ready to assume and be responsible for these tremendous modifications? For that reason, this article is considering from ethical and sociological perspective. Let’s talk about pros and cons CRISPR revolutions – from reading DNA to editing DNA.

Designer babies

It is seeming rather doubtful. Is it normal to choose the eye color for your child? Yes. Is it right to prevent deadly diseases? Of course! But is it right to increase intelligence, physiological capacities? That was, of course, a rhetorical question.

Eternal youth

“Nothing can reverse the aging process” – does this phrase still hold true now? Some company already provides unique skin care based on your personal stem cells. But you are not out of the woods yet, the year’s supply will be cost about 20.000$! People all over the world obsess about being youthful and beautiful. Actually, it will never be widely available for common people, a sad thought.

Ending disease

Somewhere in the future…

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CRISPR could defeat cancer, and it is not just a hypothesis, it´s already happened! Maybe it´s hard to believe, but sometime ago, thousands of people died because of tuberculosis but nowadays it doesn’t seem so scary and it´s treated effectively. In a little times and humanity will forget about cancer and another scourge. An interesting notion, if humanity will be strong and health it gives more chance to build up a sustainability, increase workability and economics in general.

Undoubtedly, CRISPR could provide incredible advantage for humanity, but what about ethical issues? What if this “CRISPR revolution” entail a lot of disagreement in society and would generate even more social inequality? Thought this opening has more questions than answers, for now. But I am sure humans will be responsible with this technology and not use it for horrible things like war.

Would you realy want to leave forever? Fell free to leave a comment below.


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