Global warming – myth or reality?

The topic of global warming, or how it began to be called recently –  global climate change, is an extremely popular and controversial topic and leads many people into confusion. While environmentalists sound the alarm about the extinction of polar bears and China is building the most ambitious “eco-city” – Donald Trump is denying it as a problem, and not taking it seriously.

On his twitter US president wrote:

Global warming doesn’t mean that it will become warmer everywhere on the planet. It is not surprising that tremendous numbers of people all over the world totally disagree with him and react pretty passionately:

Why do people care about this issue? The answer is simple – science! Studies suggest that human activities have an influence on our planet’s ecosystems and atmosphere. To deny this fact just illogical. In addition, Internet forums are simply overwhelmed with information that confirms human activity is destroying our planet. Now is the time to act.

Let’s consider the example of ice melting in the Arctic. Firstly, it is increasing the sea level and us the result cities such as Manhattan, London, Berlin, Paris will be flooded. Secondly, it is harming some species of animals. The most vivid examples are the polar bears, without ice they cannot hunt and ultimately starve.

So, climate change is real, and yes, it affecting us in ways that we can see and feel. You may ask how Global Warming can effect each of us? There are some majority conclusions:

…and this list goes on and on.

It is not apparent why some parts of our society, still do not believe in Global Warming or are just indifferent to this topic. Some possible reasons:

  • Mainstream media published way too much information about Global Warming and it is now a redundant, boring topic for some people.
  • Distrust of environmental science and to any authorities and appeals in this area.
  • The reluctance of people to change their behavior.
  • Ideologically or financially motivated campaigns aimed at the denial of climate change.

Global Warming might be a good wake-up-call for humanity to reorganize and maintain a more conscious and stable activity than that which we have in recent moment. Moreover, modern technology is already capable of changing our lives and help us become more sustainable and do harm Earth less. A short overview:

3D printing

This technology is becoming cheaper and more accessible to everyone. Just imagine printing anythig you want at your home! This technology can also provide energy and water independence, which means we will forget about the huge utility bills every month.

Vertical farming

According to some forecasts, by 2050 more than 80% of the world’s population will live in urban centers and the main problem will be the solution to the problem of food production. The vertical farming will allow you to grow fruit and vegetables directly in your home!

Renewable energy

Renewable energy or green energy is produced from natural sources, and its production does not harm the environment. This energy is inexhaustible which means that people could use it without limitations, and become energy independent from governments. That is great! Is it not?

This and other technology could make our lives better, but we need to be involved in their development and promotion. We have no choice anymore but to live an environmentally conscious life, otherwise the consequences on our planet will be irreversible. Global Warming – is definitely happening now. It is time for a better present and a brighter future. For our children, for humanity, for Earth.

For more information about 3D printing and vertical farming don’t forget to check out our next blog post later this week.

It is your turn! What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments box below.


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